Lesson 6
Drawing conclusions: Water flow
Duration: 45 minutes
LEARNING FOCUS: Students begin to learn about the reasons why we save water through reading and listening to narratives. Students will also explore how and why the natural factor of saving water affects their lives.
OBJECTIVE(S): Students will:
  • Look at a book for understanding of saving water through story
  • Discuss reasons for why we save water
  • Look at a flow chart to show how water flows in different ways
Teacher reads a story to the students about why we should save water. Discussion and questions are asked page by page about what is happening in the story and why we should save water through examples.
Teacher and students create a flow chart together to show how water flows through creeks, rivers, dams, lakes, seas, oceans. As the teacher is guiding student through the water cycle, the teacher is asking students to reflect a pond their answers, and to apply higher ordered thinking.
The whole class comes together and looks at the newly created flow chart. Then they reflect on the idea that creeks are drying up and most bodies of water are becoming quite dry. Then questions and statements are made as to why water should be saved.